Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



- Can I purchase a gift card? Yes, gift cards are available for purchase in four different USD denominations: $10, $25, $50 and $100. 

- Do gift cards expire? No, our gift cards don't have an expiration date and can be used to order any item throughout our website.

- How will I receive my gift card? You will receive it electronically via email once your order is fulfilled. Make sure you use the correct email address during checkout. Apple users will also be able to load the card into their Apple Wallet.

- How can I redeem my gift card? During checkout, type the gift card e-code in the "Discount Code" field, then click on the "Apply" button to the right. The purchase total will be subtracted from your gift card's available balance. If the gift card balance is insufficient to cover the purchase total, the remaining balance can be covered with any of our other payment methods.



- Is the inventory for sale new or used? All of our inventory is in new condition; we do not sell any used or secondhand items. Products are sold in the manufacturer's original retail packaging.

- Can I expect to receive the same product displayed on your pictures? The short answer is yes. We will only ship the product(s) you select during checkout. We try to describe general item characteristics as accurate as possible so you can make an educated decision before purchasing.

- I am interested in an item that is sold out. Will the item be restocked again? Many items in our inventory get restocked prior to or soon after it is sold out. There may be instances when it will take a little longer if our distributor(s) are out of the item as well. When we are certain more items will be received, these will be flagged as Backordered so you can purchase the item while we wait for more inventory. Once received, we will ship them out to you.

- I am looking for an item not listed on the website, but I see you carry other items of the same manufacturer/ brand. Can you source it for me? We may be able to find the item you are looking for through our distributor(s). Feel free to contact us and provide details of the item in question. We're constantly updating our inventory so it is also possible this is already in the works.

- How does Special Order work? We have a limited number of items in our inventory available for special order. These are normally items of high value and limited quantities not regularly stocked in our inventory. These are special-ordered through our distributors and in most cases are available for shipping between 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase.

- How does Pre-Order work? These are often newly released items that are not in our physical inventory yet. It works like a pre-sale to an extent. High-demand items may sell out during the pre-order period. A tentative available date will be disclosed in the listing so you have an idea of when it may become available for shipping should you decide to purchase. Please note the dates may change based on a number of different factors outside of our control. 

- What does it mean when an item is Backordered? It means we do not have these items in our physical inventory but we're waiting for another batch to arrive. High-demand items may sell out while they are backordered. A tentative available date will be disclosed in the listing so you have an idea of when it may become available for shipping should you decide to purchase. Please note the dates may change based on a number of different factors outside of our control. 

- What should I expect with the purchase of Pre-Order, Backordered, or Special Order items? The most important part to note is that these sales are final and do not qualify for a return. Your card will be charged once you complete the purchase, and we will ship your items as soon as we receive them.



How will my items be packaged? what materials will be used?

When shipping: We normally mail items in shipping-grade cardboard boxes to prevent damage during transit. In some instances, we may ship using our carrier's standard boxes. Fragile items including drinkware are frequently covered in bubble wrap (often times with more than one layer), and empty space inside the box is filled with either air pillows, packaging paper, or similar packaging materials to limit movement. Items susceptible to freezing temps during wintertime, such as snow globes, are insulated with foam wrap, a large bubble mailer and/or bubble wrap before being placed inside a shipping box. Small, soft and/or lightweight items may be shipped in poly mailers or bubble mailers when it is safe to do so to make shipping more affordable.

Local deliveries and pickup: All purchased items are carefully protected and/or bagged as needed to ensure a safe local delivery or pickup.



- Is my purchase secure? Yes, our platform meets all industry-required security measures in order to handle your payment in a secure way. 

- What payment methods can I use during checkout? We accept traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards, as well as alternative methods like digital wallets and other third-party payment processing vendors. You can also pay with one of our Gift Cards.

- What should I do if my payment errors out during checkout? We recommend double-checking your payment method information for accuracy (name, card number, expiration date, CVV, zip code, etc.), and to make sure it is one of the accepted payment methods listed on our website. If everything seems correct, you may have to reach out to your bank to check if there are any other restrictions on your card imposed by them.



- How is my information protected? Is my data safe? We follow standard privacy protection practices to ensure your information is safe on our website. For more details about our privacy practices and safeguards you can visit our Privacy Policy. Links have been placed in the website footer and on the website top menu. 

- Is my private information shared with third parties? Yes, especially when required to handle and deliver your order(s) to you.

- Is my private information sold to third parties? No, we value our customer's privacy and do not sell any private information to third parties for profit. 



- Who can I contact if I have a general product question? You can submit your inquiries through the Questions and Answers section at the bottom of each product detail page, or you can email your question to One of our staff members will respond as quickly as possible but no later than the next business day.



- Can I leave a product review? This is a new feature that is ready to use towards the bottom of each product detail page - just below the product description. We encourage everyone to leave objective reviews that could be useful for other fellow shoppers. This way we can all help each other!



- What should I do if my package was lost, or if items arrived damaged or incorrect? First and foremost, we're sorry this happened. When we get a notification from the carrier, we will reach out to you proactively to discuss next steps with you. If we don't contact you, or if you prefer not to wait, please report your issue through our chatbot, or email our Support Team at in order to evaluate your situation. We ask that you provide your order details, a detailed description of the damage(s), and attach pictures so we may determine next steps. 

- How can I track my order? Once you complete your purchase, our systems will email you a confirmation of your order. As your order moves through fulfilment, shipping and delivery, our systems will send email updates with more details. Once shipped, a tracking number will be emailed out so you can track it directly at the carrier's website. Additionally, an order tracking option is available through our chatbot so you can get a quick easy update without having to check your email inbox. 

- Is local delivery available? Great news! Delivery is now available for local buyers. Our initial delivery area is limited to a 8-mile radius with the possibility of expanding such area in the near future.

- Is local pick-up available when I place my order? Local pickup is temporarily suspended. Pickup instructions are provided via email or text message once your order is fulfilled.

- What is the difference between local delivery and shipping? The main differences are price, delivery area, and who actually delivers your order. In local deliveries, one of our local drivers will deliver your order for a flat-rate fee as long as your address is within our current delivery zone. There is no minimum purchase required and no weight limits to your purchase. When orders are shipped, a carrier (USPS or UPS) handles the package(s) to anywhere in the United States for a fee determined by the order weight, package dimensions, and service type/speed.

- Where do you currently ship orders to? We sell & ship orders to customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 180+ other countries worldwide. For international orders, we have partnered with Global-e to manage the logistics and cross-border affairs.

- What carriers are available for domestic shipping? We currently have special rates with UPS and USPS. Due to the increasing shipping costs, our standard shipping options during checkout are setup with the most economical method for each carrier based on weight and package dimensions to make shipping more affordable. Some expedited shipping options will also be made available during checkout. Please contact us via email prior to checkout if you have any other questions we can help answer.

- What carriers are available for international shipping? We currently have special rates with USPS, UPS and/or DHL. These services range in price and service speed so you can choose the option that is most convenient and affordable for you during checkout. Please note we ship using DAP/DDU incoterms, and in some orders, duties and taxes are collected up front.

- What other charges should I expect for international orders to Canada and Mexico? Please be aware your country may impose duties and/or taxes on your purchase per the new USMCA treaty. We currently do not collect any of these possible fees, we ship your order as DAP/DDU. Only transactions above the agreed De Minimis between countries would incur taxes, duties, or both. Another consideration to make is that the carrier or courier in charge of your package may have other fees. At this time, none of these fees, taxes or charges are calculated or collected at checkout.

- What other charges should I expect for international orders to the rest of the world? Please be aware your country may impose duties and/or taxes on your purchase based on different world trade treaties. We may collect these possible fees during checkout. Some orders may be shipped DAP/DDU, in which case, you would need to pay any applicable duties, taxes and fees with your local authority.

- What does USMCA mean? It stands for United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, it is the new commercial treaty signed by North American countries effective July 2020 replacing NAFTA. Under this agreement, all three countries agree to impose duties and taxes to cross-border trade that exceeds certain thresholds. If your purchase does not exceed the De Minimis thresholds, and your item(s) qualify under USMCA, then these fees may not be imposed.

- What does DAP/DDU mean? It stands for incoterms Delivered At Place/ Delivered Duty Unpaid. It indicates to the shipping carrier/courier and customs authorities no duties or taxes were collected at the time of purchase.

- What is De Minimis? It is a term that indicates the minimum thresholds at which duties and taxes are imposed on cross-border trade between the USMCA countries. This allows for some small purchases to potentially be tax & duty free. For example, speaking in very general terms, Canada taxes purchases over CAN$40 and applies duties when purchase exceeds CAN$150. Mexico on the other hand imposes taxes on purchases over USD$50 and duties on purchases over USD$117. Please consult with your local authorities for more information as this may change or may have other considerations based on product categories, item exceptions under USMCA, etc. 

- How are taxes and/ or duties paid at time of delivery if not collected during checkout? We do not have full certainty or control of how this would work as it may differ between shipping carriers and countries. It is likely that the shipping carrier/ courier may hold your package at a local office so any duties and/or taxes due can be collected when you pick up your item. When there are none of these fees to be collected, and assuming there were no major issues during transit, it is likely that your package would be delivered as any other item would through regular mail.